Know About  Bizsafe Renewal Audits

Know About Bizsafe Renewal Audits

All firms seeking Partner certification are required to undergo bizsafe renewal audits. All MOM Approved Scaffold Contractors must undergo this audit to renew their license. A Ministry of Manpower (MOM) / Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) Approved auditor must conduct a risk management audit following WSH (Risk Management) Regulations. We will conduct an audit of your office and project site to ensure appropriate risk management throughout the audit process.

Renewing Your Bizsafe Certification Requires A Specific Process

Document examination, site inspection, and interviews with key individuals in the bizSAFE renewal audit to ensure Risk Management. At the time of the audit, our mom-approved auditors will examine papers including the WSH Policy, the Risk Management Procedure, the Risk Management Plan, the Risk Assessment, the RM Appointment Letters, the Safe Work Procedure, and other records relating to the Risk Management process as a whole

To apply for or renew bizSAFE certification, our MOM Approved auditors will develop an RM audit report and submit it to WSH Council upon audit completion. Audits conducted by our professionals will guarantee that your organization fully complies with MOM laws.

Why Biz Safe Is A Good Idea

Members of the bizSAFE community may proudly display the bizsafe renewal audits on their company collaterals as a sign of their dedication to safety.

In addition, bizSAFE partners, including different government agencies, financial institutions, insurers, significant enterprises, and suppliers, provide additional business rights and benefits.

To fulfill the contractual needs of bizSAFE partners, including significant shipyards, big construction firms, developers, town councils, and government agencies, bizSAFE enables small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to meet the contractual criteria of these partners. Before considering contracts, these partners’ SME contractors must achieve bizSAFE Level 3 requirements.